From now: We cook - you enjoy

Bavarian specialties for at home

So that you do not have to do without our Bavarian delicacies despite the current situation, we are now offering various dishes for pickup Thuesday to Sunday.

Here's how it works: Order the dishes of your choice by phone a day before, on 09641-22 10.

Our menu for Sunday:
Zucchini basil cream soup 4.50 €
Liver dumpling soup 3.80 €
Oven-fresh roast pork with dumplings and salad 9.80 €
Chanterelle cream roast with dumplings and salad 13.00 €
Sauerbraten with dumplings and salad 10.80€
Turkey herb roast with dumplings and salad 11.50 €
Wiener style schnitzel with French fries and salad 10.80 €
Cordon Bleu with French fries and salad 13.50 €
Roast beef with onions with fried potatoes, salad 18.00 €
Pork fillet in chanterelle cream sauce with spaetzle, salad 18.50 €
Pikeperch fillet fried in almond butter with potatoes, salad 15.50 €
Chanterelles in cream with bread dumplings and salad 11.50 €
Pepper fillet steak with herb butter, French fries and salad 22.00 €
Strawberry mousse with yoghurt and mint sauce 5.50 €

We look forward to your orders - stay healthy!

The Dostler family